Training Videos/DVDs for Counsellors


Over the past nine years Sushi Productions has produced nine high quality training DVDs for counsellors, covering a range of therapeutic areas. These excellent resources have been well received by a range of organisations; Health Services, Universities, Medical Practices, and Community Services around Australia and internationally.

These DVDs are invaluable resources not for only specialist workers in the drug and alcohol field but for generalist counsellors as well. It is well documented that clients with drug and alcohol problems present in all treatment settings.

Planning a training session has never been easier:

The detailed training notes included with each DVD provide trainers with a range of questions and issues to explore with students.
The notes provide a useful guide for those counsellors or students wishing to use the DVDs as a training tool outside the context of a formal training session.

Sushi Production Team

Sue Helfgott: has over 25 years experience as a Senior social worker; Senior education officer, Policy and Planning officer, and Workforce Development Manager in the alcohol and drug field. She has been responsible for developing and implementing an award-winning Volunteer Addiction Counsellors Training program for 22 years. This program has been used throughout Australia for training volunteer and paid staff in the alcohol and drug field.

Shireen Narayanan: has over 25 years experience as a clinician in the field of Mental Health. Ms Narayanan has a background in psychology and social work. Currently she is a psychotherapist in Private Practice. Ms Narayanan is also involved in the area of film production.