Therapeutic Journeys
A series of videos demonstrating alcohol and other drug, and mental health issues
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Dr Norman Swan, Heath Reporter and Physician

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These videos feature experienced clinicians demonstrating how to respond to alcohol and drug, mental health and trauma related issues.
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Over the past 18 years Sushi Productions have produced high quality training DVDs for counsellors and health practitioners, covering a range of therapeutic areas.

These  resources have been extremely well received by a range of organisations, nationally and internationally and include Alcohol and Drug Services, Mental Health Services, Tertiary Institutions, Medical Practices, and Community Services.

These DVDs are invaluable resources not only for specialist workers in the drug and alcohol sector but for generalist practitioners working in mainstream organisations. 

What the industry and our video users feel about us

The audio visual resources produced by Sushi productions are invaluable when developing education and  training for university students undertaking addiction studies.  I used the resources regularly in alcohol and other drug related (AOD) intervention courses for students from a range of disciplines as they offer great insight into AOD related counselling skills.

Dr. Celia Wilkinson Consultant and Senior Lecturer (retired) in Addiction Studies, Edith Cowan University

The team at "Therapeutic Journeys" always produce high quality, easy to follow learning resources. The resources include learning exercises alongside the clinical demonstrations that make a significant contribution to developing and maintaining reflective clinical practice. I commend these resources to clinicians and educators. I can offer no stronger support than to say that the resources regularly feature in my own training programs.

Steve Allsop, Professor National Drug Research Institute Curtin University

I strongly recommend these resource materials. They are produced by experts in the alcohol and drug and mental field with long-term and extensive clinical and educational experience and expertise. There are few products available that can match them for excellence and relevance.

Ann Roche, Director National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction

Therapeutic Journeys: Techniques for Managing Trauma and Drug Use is an excellent resource for counsellors and therapists working with clients who are struggling with alcohol and other drug use in the context of trauma and mental health issues. The DVD provides a practical demonstration of various therapeutic strategies within a trauma informed approach to support and empower clients.

Fiona Reid (M. Soc. Sci. Counselling and Family Therapy) Executive Manager Client Services Womens Health and Family Services
Who We Are
Shireen Narayanan

Has over 27 years experience as a clinician in the field of Mental Health. Ms Narayanan has a background in psychology and social work. Currently she is a psychotherapist in Private Practice. Ms Narayanan is also an award-winning filmmaker who has written, directed and produced a number of films.

Sue Helfgott

Has over 30 years experience in clinical, workforce development and management roles in the alcohol and other drug field. She has been responsible for developing and implementing an award winning Volunteer Alcohol and Drug Counsellors’ Training program for 26 years. This program has been used throughout Australia for training volunteer and paid staff in the alcohol and drug field. She has also worked in the Sexual Assault field developing education and training programs as well as providing a clinical service. Ms Helfgott has a background in Social Work.

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