Each video features clinical psychologists, mental health and alcohol and other drug counsellors and general practitioners. All videos come with training notes that can be utilised for education and training purposes.

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When Alcohol Use is Not the Presenting Issue$0.00
Using Medication and Illicit Drugs$0.00
Older Australians and Drug Use$0.00
Presenting with Acute Physical Harm$0.00
Working with Complex Clients$60.00
Working with Young Adults and Adolescents$60.00
Therapeutic Techniques for Managing Trauma and Drug Use$60.00
Mental Health and Drug Problems – Working with Adults$60.00
Family Members Counselling$60.00
Effective Counselling and Roadblocks$30.00
Couples Counselling$60.00
Counselling Aborginal Clients and Their Families$60.00
Binge Drinking$60.00
Drug and Alcohol Counselling – Exploring Choice$60.00