Working with Young Adults and Adolescents
Duration: 28 Minutes

This program features two counselling sessions:

The first session: the counsellor explores with her adolescent client, her concerns about her education and her depression.  The counsellor also assesses the relationship between the client’s depression and her drug use.

The client presents at a mental health agency.

The second session: the counsellor meets with a young woman concerned about her speed use.  The impact of her drug use is explored, as well as her anxiety and panic attacks.

She presents at an alcohol and drug agency.

The interviews illustrate the following skills:

  • Dealing with co-existing mental health and alcohol and drug problems
  • General counselling skills – listening skills, empathy, use of questions, summarising, reframing, reflecting feelings and a non-judgemental approach
  • Assessment of drug use
  • Assessment of mental health problems
  • Motivational interviewing

This DVD comes with training notes when purchased

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